Warriors News · New Athletic Website is a Win-Win

Recently, the Dayton Christian School Athletic Department officially unveiled its new athletic website:  www.daytonchristianwarriors.com, which is now DC’s one-stop shop for all things athletics.

“A separate athletic website makes it possible for our DC family to get all their athletic information in one place,” said Athletic Director Ben Shroyer.  “The website details what sports we have here at DC, provides accurate schedules for all our interscholastic sports teams (grades 7-12), and provides results of athletic contests.”

In addition, Shroyer said, the website provides information about our athletic booster club, summer camps, youth sports, and much more.

The response to the new website has been very positive.

“For one thing, the public side of ScheduleStar, our previous sports site, was not always accurate with last-minute schedule changes,” said Shroyer.  “We also couldn’t highlight student athletes, coaches, or specific events like we can on this new site.”

The new website also allows coaches to enter results of their athletic events immediately.  And for those coaches who desire to, there is always room for them to do a write-up about a game or meet or what is happening within their team.

So, to the DC Athletic Department, thank you for all your hard work in getting our new athletic website up and running!  Go, Warriors!

By Melissa Geiss, DCS Communications Director