Warriors News · 2019-2020 Athletic Awards: Three Season Athletes & Iron Warrior Awards

Dayton Christian Warriors,

Welcome to the 2019-2020 athletic awards ceremony! The athletic department is excited to continue to recognize our student-athletes and their amazing academic and athletic achievements this year!

Today, we would like to recognize those students who were three-season athletes this year. Being a three-sport student-athlete requires focused dedication, time management, and grit. The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) recognizes student-athletes who have participated in three seasons of sport during the school year. The following students have completed three sports seasons at Dayton Christian:


Jamison Bates – Football, Boys Basketball, Track & Field
Isabelle Blatz – Cross Country, Swimming, Track & Field
Yasmine Craver – Volleyball, Basketball Cheerleading, Track & Field
Bailey Peterson – Football Cheerleading, Girls Baskeball, Track & Field
Sophie Poindexter – Girls Soccer, Girls Basketball, Track & Field
Taylor Ullrich – Volleyball, Basketball Cheerleading, Track & Field
Andrew Keenan – Boys Soccer, Swimming, Boys Tennis
Dylan Bower – Golf, Swimming, Baseball
Seth Jackson – Football, Boys Basketball, Baseball

Additionally, any Dayton Christian student-athlete who has received all A’s and B’s on their report card during the entire academic year (and must be a three season athlete) are named Dayton Christian Iron Warrior Award winners. The 2019-2020 DC Iron Warrior Award winners are:

Nathaniel Geiss – Cross Country, Swimming, Track & Field
Andrew Haines – Cross Country, Swimming, Track & Field
Sam Reynolds – Cross Country, Swimming, Track & Field
Xi Holliday – Volleyball, Basketball Cheerleading, Track & Field
Jenna Shupert – Girls Soccer, Swimming, Track & Field
Rebecca Skujins – Cross Country, Swimming, Track & Field
Kylie Towle – Girls Soccer, Swimming, Track & Field
Madelyn Keenan – Girls Soccer, Swimming, Tennis
Rachel Miller – Girls Soccer, Swimming, Tennis
Kaleigh Redman – Girls Soccer, Swimming, Tennis
Esther Ross – Girls Soccer, Swimming, Tennis
Brooke Tesmer – Cross Country, Swimming, Softball
Martina Thompson – Volleyball, Swimming, Softball
Seth Griswold – Football, Boys Basketball, Baseball

Congratulations to each of our three-season student-athletes and Iron Warrior award winners! Thank you for your pursuit of excellence, dedication to your sport, and for glorifying God with your talents on and off the athletic field. Our athletic programs have been successful because of your focused commitment and grit; and for that, I am thankful you are a Dayton Christian Warrior!

All awards can be picked up in the Athletic Office on May 26 and May 27.

The 2019-2020 Athletic Awards ceremony was recorded this year due to COVID-19, and can be seen on the Dayton Christian School YouTube channel, beginning on May 21. Stay tuned as we will announce more athletic awards each day this week!

Go Warriors!