Warriors News · 2021 Spring Sports COVID Protocols, Spectator Guidelines & Ticketing Procedures


2021 Spring Sports COVID Protocols, Spectator Guidelines & Ticketing Procedures


Dayton Christian Community & Warrior Fans:

The Governor’s Office and OHSAA have affirmed that the 2021 spring sports season will move forward as planned; but continuation is based upon our responsibility to continually provide participating student-athletes, coaches, and spectators with the safest possible environment during all practices and contests. While the spring season might not look like what we are accustomed to, the DC Athletic Department is excited that our student-athletes will have an opportunity to play this spring! All mandates in the Ohio Department of Health Director’s Sports Order must continue to be followed for all spring sports.

We all want our students to have a season, so it’s up to all of us (athletes, coaches, staff, officials, and parents) to make sure these mandates are followed. We ask for your patience, flexibility, and cooperation as we work together to comply with the various ODH & OHSAA requirements and guidelines so our students can have a season.

Please note, as we visit various schools and sport venues this spring, many will have different site requirements, ticketing procedures, and spectator limits when attending their athletic event. Please understand that all schools will not operate in the same manner as Dayton Christian based on their location, size of facility, and other local controls. Please be respectful and cooperative when attending an away contest.

It is anticipated that game schedules will change during the course of the spring season and frequent adjustments will need to be made. The athletic office will regularly communicate such information and changes with each head coach including all site requirements for participation and ticket allowances to attend contests. The head coach is responsible for communicating such information with his/her athletes and parents.

Let’s CARE for each other this spring and enjoy being outdoors!

Please review, understand, and agree to the following 2021 Spring Sports COVID Protocols, Spectator Guidelines & Ticketing Procedures for athletic events hosted by Dayton Christian School:

General Guidelines:

  • If you are feeling sick, exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in direct contact with someone who has a confirmed case of COVD-19, YOU MUST STAY HOME.
  • All players, coaches, officials, game personnel, athletic trainers, and spectators must conduct a daily symptom assessment before attending a Dayton Christian athletic event.
  • All coaches, players, medical staff, game workers, media, and spectators must wear a facial covering at all times, other than the players actively competing.
  • Keep a safe distance! Social distancing is required. Spectators must sit in family groups (four or less) and social distanced from other individuals and family groups. It is recommended to bring your own lawn chair as bleacher seating will be limited. If sitting in the bleachers, please SIT ON the decals that are socially distanced for you and one guest.
  • No congregating before or after contests is permitted between any player, coach, and spectator. Please exit the facility quickly once the event is over and wait for the players in your personal vehicle.
  • Shield yourself from germs. Wash or sanitize your hands often. Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the facility.
  • There will be signage throughout the venue reminding all attendees of social distancing, facial coverings, and the importance of personal hygiene.

Spectator Limitations by Venue:

  • All Dayton Christian HOME outdoor athletic events will have a spectator limitation of 30% of total capacity.
    • Baseball Field: 2-4 spectators per player. Limited bleacher seating. Bring a lawn chair.
    • Softball Field: 2-4 spectators per player. Bring a lawn chair.
    • Tennis Courts: 2-4 spectators per player. Bring a lawn chair.
    • Track: dependent on host school spectator limitations
    • Players, coaches, officials, cheerleaders, band members, game workers, and media do not count toward the 30% outdoor spectator capacity.

Ticketing Procedures:

  • There will be no admission charged for HOME spring sports contests at DC (until tournament time). Admission at away contests is contingent on the host school ticketing procedures. Ticketing procedures for away contests will be communicated to the Head Coach.
  • If purchasing tickets for away contests, we recommend waiting until the day of the contest to purchase your online digital tickets. Refunds will be issued if a game is cancelled (minus processing fees). If a game is rescheduled, tickets already purchased will be accepted on the rescheduled date.
  • There will be no season or sport passes this spring.
  • The Athletic Department reserves the right to change ticketing procedures as necessary.

Social Distancing for Spectators:

To ensure social distancing and sufficient seating for all in attendance, please sit with members of your immediate household. Decals, like the one on the left, are placed throughout the limited bleacher seating to ensure six-foot distancing between family groups of two. Remember, please sit on the decal.




Students Return to Play from COVID-19:

As a reminder, the Ohio Health Director’s Sports Order says that a student-athlete who tests positive for COVID-19, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic, shall not return to sports activities until a documented medical exam is performed clearing the individual prior to the individual returning to participate in practice or games. The documented medical exam must specifically include an assessment of the cardiac/heart of high intensity exercise due to the potential of myocarditis occurring in COVID-19 patients. Please utilize this COVID-19 Return to Play form, to verify that the student can or cannot return to practices or games.

Other Information:

  • Concessions will not be available at home contests.
  • We anticipate being able to live stream a few select home contests this spring on our DC YouTube page. The DC Athletic Department website and social media pages will communicate live streaming information as it is available for any select home contests.
  • Dayton Christian will follow NFHS and OHSAA rule modifications for each sport, as necessary.
  • The OHSAA will continue the COVID-19 Observer’s Program with spring sports. Observers are designated individuals who are attending athletic contests throughout the state to ensure mandates in the Ohio Health Director’s Sports Order are being followed. The observers file reports with the OHSAA. It is IMPERATIVE that administrators and coaches are diligent in ensuring that the Ohio Health Director’s Sports Order is being followed. Schools are reminded:
    • Participants not in the contest ARE REQUIRED to wear facial coverings on the sidelines, in dugouts, and at the venue.
    • Participants not in the contest and on the sidelines ARE REQUIRED to be socially distanced.
    • Outside of game play, players are NOT PERMITTED to have physical contact with their teammates (such as high-fives and handshakes). Coaches and other team personnel are also not permitted to have physical contact with players.
    • Any spectators in attendance ARE REQUIRED to wear facial coverings and to be socially distanced.

Additional information and resources can be found online:

Thank you for your continued support of our student-athletes. Let’s have a Christ-centered, gracious, and gritty spring sport season!

Go Warriors!