MBC All-Sports Trophy

The Metro Buckeye Conference (MBC) “All-Sports Trophy” is given annually to the school that performs the best across the MBC’s sixteen (16) championship sports. Eight points are awarded for a first-place finish, seven for a second, six for a third, and so on. Men’s and women’s performances are combined, exemplifying the Metro Buckeye Conference commitment to equity and balance among programs.

The inaugural MBC All-Sports Trophy was won by Dayton Christian in 1997-1998. Since that time, Dayton Christian & Troy Christian leads the way with seven (7) All-Sports Trophy titles each. Xenia Christian/Legacy Christian Academy has four titles, followed by Yellow Springs (2), Miami Valley School (1), and Cincinnati Christian (1).

To see the full breakdown and scoring of All-Sports Trophy standings since 2008, please visit the MBC website.

Metro Buckeye Conference All-Sport Trophy Winners:
1997-98: Dayton Christian
1998-99: Dayton Christian
1999-00: Yellow Springs
2000-01: Yellow Springs
2001-02: Cincinnati Christian
2002-03: Troy Christian
2003-04: Troy Christian
2004-05: Troy Christian
2005-06: Troy Christian
2006-07: Troy Christian
2007-08: Troy Christian
2008-09: Troy Christian (55.5 pts)
2009-10: Dayton Christian (71.5 pts)
2010-11: The Miami Valley School (70.5 pts)
2011-12: Dayton Christian (77 pts)
2012-13: Dayton Christian (75.5 pts)
2013-14: Xenia Christian (72.5 pts)
2014-15: Dayton Christian (80 pts)
2015-16: Xenia Christian (69.5 pts)
2016-17: Legacy Christian (82.5 pts)
2017-18: Dayton Christian/Legacy Christian (tie, 82 pts)
2018-19: Dayton Christian (92.5 pts)
2019-20: COVID-19
2020-21: TBA