One Plank At A Time

Few people exist that could write a check for $4 million dollars to build the Warrior Center: The Rockefeller Family, Bill Gates, and LeBron James to name a few. But none of them have kids at Dayton Christian School. You and I do. We just don’t make quite as much money as LeBron does. So since paying for the entire building isn’t in our prospects, how about just buying one plank of the gym floor? You, me, and a few hundred of our closest non-millionaire friends can come together to get the job done! “One Plank at a Time” – a fundraising opportunity (annually sponsored by the Senior Class) that allows people like us to donate $25 for one six inch plank of a model of the gym floor. Your name goes on it. Kind of a hall of fame moment for all the regular people.

Please complete the form here and make checks payable to “Dayton Christian School.” Credit card donations can be made online at: Please note “one plank at a time” in the “Donation Message” box when an online donation is made.

Thank you for your support of the Warrior Center! “One Plank At A Time…..”