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Warriors Set to Host Division I Carroll Patriots Tonight in Warrior Center

The boys’ varsity basketball team (10-7, 8-3 MBC) returns to Honaker Court tonight as they host Division I foe Dayton Carroll Patriots (8-9, 3-8 GCL) in a non-league contest. It has been twenty-one days since the Warriors last played at home. Flying Ace Express Car Wash is tonight’s game-day sponsor in the newly constructed Warrior

Senior Spotlight: Andrew Haines, Swimming

Did You Know That Hair Creates Friction In Water? That is why professional swimmers shave their body and wear swim caps. Having no hair, creates less friction, which allows swimmers to move faster! Senior, Andrew Haines, may not take this theory to heart (or legs nor arms) but the wake he creates when he swims causes

Senior Spotlight: Dylan Bower, Swimming

Did You Know That Swimming Races Have Been Around For Quite Some Time? England turned swimming into a competitive sport in the 1800’s, but Japan held the first recorded swim race back in 36 BCE. That’s 2,052 years ago!  If these countries had not made swimming a competitive sport, I am sure senior, Dylan Bower

Senior Spotlight: Reilly Fair, Swimming

Did You Know That Benjamin Franklin Didn’t Just Discover Electricity? He also invented swim fins! Benjamin Franklin was a frequent swimmer, and was looking for a way to swim faster, so he invented a set of hand held fins. After some time, he realized the hand held fins were tiresome and that is when he