Dayton Christian Coed Varsity Swimming

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Senior Spotlight: Rachel Miller, Swimming

Did You Know That You Could Swim In A Different Pool Every Day For Almost 2 Years At One Resort? One Resort in Port Dickson, Malaysia has 643 swimming pools and that isn’t even including the private swimming pools at each villa!  We are happy that senior, Rachel Miller chose to swim at one pool,

Senior Spotlight: Mitchell DeBusk, Swimming

Did You Know That Swimming Burns More Calories Than Running Or Biking? Energetic swimming for an hour can burn up to 784 calories, depending on the stroke. Biking only burns 483 calories and hour and running burns 557.  Senior swimmer, Mitchell DeBusk has burned more than his fair share of calories as a member of

Senior Spotlight: Andrew Bletzinger, Swimming

Do you know what the oldest swim stroke is? It’s the breaststroke! While it may be the slowest, ancient drawings suggest that it has been around the longest.  It is also usually the first stroke that young swimmers learn! Your ‘Warriors of the Water’ swim team is sure glad that Senior, Andrew Bletzinger learned the Breaststroke! Andrew Bletzinger,

Senior Spotlight: Ellie Maggard, Swimming

Did you know that the majority of Americans cannot swim?  In fact, a recent study shows that 65% of Americans cannot swim! Fortunately, that is not the case for Senior Ellie Maggard for which the ‘Warriors of the Water’ swim team is very happy! Ellie is the daughter of Joe and Emily Maggard, and big

Senior Spotlight: Tamar Freeman, Swimming

Did you know that Olympic Swimming Used To Be For Men Only? Swimming has been an Olympic sport since 1896 but it wasn’t until 1912 that women started to participate in this competitive sport, at the Olympics. And in the rich tradition of Olympic Swimming, your ‘Warriors of the Water’ Swim Team are proud of